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Wireless Communications Network Solutions for mission critical needs.


Unique Mission Critical Network Solution


Rajant Kinetic Mesh networks are unlike any other wireless mesh systems on the market today, providing fully mobile broadband connectivity that is simple, instantaneous, and fail-proof in any application – giving you a resilient mesh network solution that moves and evolves with your connectivity needs. SR-O Technology is a Kinetic Mesh® premium partner.


Unique Mission Critical Network Solution

Deep understanding of the most important application – yours

Based on our deep understanding of mobile equipment applications and demanding environments, we design the wireless communications infrastructure according to your specific needs. Applications include surface and underground mining, railways, ports and defense. We can also integrate many other wired or wireless technologies.

Deep understanding of the most important application – yours

One leading network, unique benefits

Kinetic Mesh networks work autonomously to provide optimal connectivity across an organization’s dynamic environment of fixed and mobile assets, delivering robust applications in real time.


Total Mobility

Every node in a Kinetic Mesh® network can act independently and with full routing capabilities, making it a true peer-to-peer network that is completely mobile-enabled.


Proven Resiliency

With no single point of failure and self-healing capabilities, Kinetic Mesh® networks guarantee uptime of your mission-critical applications.


Maximum Bandwidth Utilization

Kinetic Mesh® networks make use of all installed radios to dynamically route wireless and wired connections over the best available links.


Rapid Scalability

While traditional mesh networks degrade as nodes are added, Kinetic Mesh® networks grow stronger with each additional node. Nodes also self-configure for easy spin-out.


Extreme Ruggedness and Security

Born from military and mining applications, our outdoor mesh network is proven to withstand the harshest conditions and support AES-CCMP and TKIP encryption with configurable per-hop, per-packet authentication.


This combination of technical functionality infuses Kinetic Mesh® networks with the adaptability, flexibility, intelligence, and mobility to help organizations across industries improve operational effectiveness, enhance quality of service, drive productivity, and generate increased ROI.

One leading network, unique benefits

Kinetic Mesh - How does it work?

Using a combination of BreadCrumb® wireless network nodes and InstaMesh® networking software, Rajant Kinetic Mesh® networks employ any-node to any-node capabilities to continuously and instantaneously route data via the best available traffic path and frequency—for any number of nodes, all with extremely low overhead.


Rajant BreadCrumbs can communicate with any Wi-Fi or Ethernet-connected device to deliver low-latency, high-throughput data, voice and video applications across the meshed, self-healing network.


Kinetic Mesh - How does it work?